At Emerald Mountain we are developing a new, more efficient way to build homes. This initiative was prompted by federal, state, and local governments. These homes could allow homeowners to save about 40% on their energy bills.


Emerald Mountain is a well established community allowing for a stable Home Owners Association. The HOA has maintained low cost dues and effective member compliance in regard to covenants and restrictions. The low cost of dues at Emerald Mountain as compared to dues of other communities in this area is due to how the amenities were established. The developer of Emerald Mountain created the amenities up front and deeded them to the home owners association free of any debt.


Kenny Hayes is from this area and is a Master Builder who has built thousands of homes in his career. He built many of the homes in Emerald Mountain in the early nineties. In the last few years Kenny expanded his expertise to other parts of the nation. During this time he developed construction practices and expanded his knowledge for building energy efficient homes. He also established relationships with expert sub contractors who are willing to come with him to Emerald Mountain to construct a new generation of efficient homes. Kenny’s ability to build these homes is largely due to modern practices and techniques that have been recently developed around construction processes and energy efficiency.


The efficiency of the land at Emerald Mountain is very conducive to the construction of new homes. The soil conditions here allow builders to install a better foundation at a much lower cost. This means cost savings to buyers, especially compared to parts of Montgomery.


Thank you for visiting what we call Emerald Mountain. We hope you will soon call it “home.


Some of the energy saving standard practices in the new generation of homes at Emerald Mountain that you should expect to see:

 Efficient Structural Designs

·   Allows for more efficient use of space giving more living spaces.

·   More effective use of space allocates additional savings on HVAC and

      plumbing costs.

·   Allows cost of 2nd story to be extremely cost effective to build.

 Expanding Exterior Walls

·   Having 2 X 6 exterior walls instead of the typical 2 X 4 walls allows for greater insulation R-Value.

·    Allows for greater energy efficiency and sound barrier.

 Energy Efficient Windows are an energy saver

·   Windows are doubled paned and include a 9/16” air space for added insulation.

·   Windows have low emissivity glass which can turn a double paned window into a triple paned window. The outside pane is internally coated in microscopic layers of metallic oxides. This allows as much natural light in the home as possible, yet protects your home from unwanted UV rays which can burn skin, fade carpet, and damage furniture. This coating helps to control radiant heat as it enters and leaves a room.  It keeps the home warmer in the winter by reflecting certain segments of the sun’s light spectrum back into the home, and cooler in the summer by reflecting particular sections outside. This process also saves on utility expenses while creating a more comfortable living environment.

·    Weather stripping has a bulb seal for positive sash to sill closure.

·    Windows have a vinyl exterior for a no maintenance exterior.

 Insulation working in conjunction with Heating and Air

·  The homes exterior walls are filled with the latest foam insulation product to initiate more energy savings and sound proofing.

·   The builder is installing an Air and Heat unit with an 18 SEER rating  which allows for a smaller unit to adequately heat and cool the entire home.

·   HVAC units are an energy efficient two stage heat pump and equipped with 2 zones for controlled comfort levels.

·    Indoor air handler provides a variable speed motor to further reduce  energy cost.

·    All homes include thermostat with a dehumidistat and an outside air and humidity sensor.

·   Homes are equipped with the latest technology to allow thermostat control from your PC, smartphone, or tablet.

·   Outdoor units are equipped with a heavy duty insulation blanket for noise reduction and further energy savings.

As you can see, the New Generation Of Homes by Kenny Hayes in Emerald Mountain are of the utmost quality and high standards. These homes will give value to Emerald Mountain home buyers and provide them with a home they can be proud to own. Each home buyer will go over an extensive proposal that will list many more standard features to be included in the New Generation Of Homes at Emerald Mountain such as granite countertops and wood flooring, etc.

Building prices are allowing today’s buyers to get the greatest value for the lowest cost. Buyers are also demanding new technology and more efficient designs. Home buyers will be able to obtain the home they demand in Emerald Mountain.

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