Dell Hudson Legacy Tribute Picture

In Loving Memory of Dell Hudson

Dell was the founder and owner of Builder New Homes, Inc., Legacy Homes Realty, Inc., and the Co-Owner of Stonegate, LLC., a development company that paved the way for hundreds of new homes to be constructed in the Redland area of Elmore County. Since 1990 Dell had focused her efforts on promoting and marketing homes in the Emerald Mountain community. Dell Hudson was an accomplished real estate Broker, business owner and land developer. 

Dell had a tremendous passion and love of her career in real estate that lasted over 40 years. She took great pride in offering the highest level of customer service. She fought very hard for everyone that relied on her to sell their home and/or locate their next home. Dell fought for her customers in the same way that she fought against her terminal illness. Against all odds and a gloomy prognosis, Dell embraced each and every day with a fantastic outlook and a smile on her face. 

In 2023, Dell Hudson passed on the legacy she built to her daughter, Hayden Hudson. 

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