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Frank Wilder, a seasoned builder, has made a lasting impact on the Elmore County landscape with over two decades of dedicated service. Specializing in homes ranging from 1,400 to 5,000 square feet. Frank's hands-on approach and keen eye for detail have contributed to the successful completion of over 250+ homes. Well-known for his skill in building both spec and custom homes, showcasing versatility and adaptability in meeting the unique needs of all his clients. 

Frank’s reputation as an easy-going professional is well-deserved. A testament to his hands-on approach, Frank is a familiar face on the job site, personally overseeing subcontractors and ensuring that every aspect of construction meets his thorough standards. This level of involvement speaks volumes about his commitment.

At the heart of Frank's success is a tight-knit family-run business. Joined by his son Drake Wilder, Wilder New Homes legacy is more than just a testament to individual craftsmanship; it's a commitment passed down through generations. Drake, having grown up immersed in the construction field, brings a fresh perspective to the Wilder legacy. 

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Building Legacies To Last a Lifetime!

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